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i hate you and i wish you would die fat ! 😘

1 1 Apr 25, 2017

✧Social Media Post✧ ======= "Team B.A.D. has |FINALLY| caught all of your well needed attention. This tag team division, is now |OUR| division! You were betting on some dollar store Barbies that's the 'Iconic Duo'? What were you honestly thinking? Doesn't matter, because you were proven |WRONG|! Two make-up princesses could |NEVER| hold a candle to the Queens Naomi and i, rightfully are. We are |TRUE| |UNITY|! The return of Recognition, was |OUR| recognition! I told you all the first time, NaoMina is here to |STAY| and here to |DOMINATE| each and every single one of these women in our way. You cross our path, that's you asking to be |DEMOLISHED|! We are nothing to play around with, but |EVERYTHING| to take seriously. And on SDLive, that was the |EXACT| message. Those two butterfly knockoffs, better |STAY| out of our way; for their own good. And for every other woman and team; they better have been watching. Because if you even |THINK| of coming our way, your end will be near. NaoMina has taken |OVER|; and |NO| |ONE| is safe. These titles, will |FOREVER| be in our possession! Let that be the message, and |DON'T| make us have to deliver it in a more brutal faction." ✧✧ =======

6 1 Apr 25, 2017

"I'm so grateful that I have the opportubity to be able to share what I love every day with people that I love". selenagomez

15 1 Apr 25, 2017


16 2 Apr 25, 2017

comment where you want to be tagged for a rate

8 2 Apr 25, 2017

And now you have to decide whether or not to hold on or let go. But you can’t. Because they both hurt. Hanging on to something that is barely there leaves an agonizing numbing feeling in your heart, but letting go of something you want so desperately sends a dagger straight through your soul. God, it’s so hard. Because no matter what you do, you’ll never forgive yourself for it. #openrp

19 1 Apr 25, 2017


8 2 Apr 25, 2017


10 1 Apr 25, 2017

İyi Geceler Good Night 😴❤️

16 1 Apr 25, 2017
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