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오늘자 아미소식 20180325 요즘 토끼고기를 주로 드신다고... #아미 #아메숏 #브리티쉬숏 #토끼캔 #집사 #냥스타그램 #neko

1 0 Mar 25, 2018

그냥 정구가 ㅠ 이뻐 #정국 #전정국 #방탄 #베레모 #모자 #와이셔츠 #윙파콘 #아미 #🖤

1 0 Mar 25, 2018

swipe for the video !! evil maknae - follow btsoutcast for more !! credit moonliqhtkook on twt (mel) turn on my post notifications for more posts like this✨ - #bangtan #bts #army #bangtanboys #bangtansonyeondan #beyondthescene #btsmeme #btsmemes #kpop #kpopmeme #kpopmemes #parkjimin #jimin #suga #yoongi #jhope #hoseok #rapmonster #namjoon #seokjin #jin #taehyung #방탄소년단 #防弹少年团 #아미 #hobi #chimchim #taetae #jungkook #kimtaehyung

227 0 Mar 25, 2018

Damnn 😂

4 1 Mar 25, 2018

as you can tell, i really love bts & bt21

1 1 Mar 25, 2018

💘L o v e 💌 I felt like ranting about this somewhere- so I feel like no one around me feels this way but I have this way of thinking about love that is slightly different from others. I feel like everyone is so temporary and no one truly cares for each others feelings completely. I aways feel so lonely and I dream of finding the perfect person. Not necessarily perfect because I know that's impossible, but at least someone who is great in my eyes. I have super high expectations of this perfect boy for me that is meant to meet me and it makes me feel foolish sometimes but I always have this lingering hope that I will meet someone that truly loves me and appreciates me as I am for the things I do and what I believe in. I only want someone who cares about truly important things. Not just nonsense conversations about unimportant things. I want to talk about social issues and about dreams and emotions. About the way the universe came about and the way things work and how all souls are connected. To wonder how the stars align in a certain way for us to see. And to look at those stars together and be entranced by the existence of the galaxies and to think we're so small and insignificant yet so important and we all fit like puzzle pieces together to form the big picture. I want to find someone that thinks of these things. That values love and treasures it rather than ripping it apart at some point. I feel like everyone I meet nowadays only wants temporary happiness. People that have many people that they supposedly love but not truly meaning so. Still, I know people don't care about those things anymore if they ever existed at all. And I keep holding onto some false hope of love but at the same time it's okay because I'd rather believe in it and be alone forever than conform to normal things 🌸~ 루스

2 1 Mar 25, 2018
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