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i was going to save this until the 18th as part of your birthday present but i honestly just can’t wait any longer. ocean, i love you so much. you and i both know that and i’m pretty sure everybody who follows us knows that by now as well. i love you, but i’ve never told you why. you’re perfect. perfect to and for me in so many ways. you’re cute and funny and a l’il dorky. you make me laugh like nobody else can. we click on so many levels that it’s crazy. i mean we’ve only known each other for almost five days but talking to you as much as i do makes it seem like i’ve known you all my life. you’re seriously the best person that has come into my life. you’re the best thing that’s happened to me. i’m the happiest i’ve been in such a long, long time. when we’re talking it’s like all of my problems and troubles disappear and when you’re asleep and my insomniac ass is up, i no longer stay up all night worrying about all of the bad shit in my life because i’m too busy thinking about you. i love the way things are right now. there aren’t any labels and we don’t feel pressured to tell each other how we feel. there’s no timeline to follow, it just all comes naturally. and if i’m being completely honest, the thought of us being together; of me being your boyfriend scares me. i’ve never felt this way about anybody before, especially not this quickly. you’re so different from anybody i have ever met. quite frankly, “perfect” doesn’t even come close to describing what you are. you’re too perfect that there isn’t even a word to describe just how perfect you are. i’m actually at a loss for words. i suppose i should stop talking at this point before stop making any sense. i love you. — 💓 your best friend, alex. #openrp #newopenrp

4 1 Dec 16, 2017

#셀카 #셀스타그램 #얼스타그램 #데일리 #daily #비키니스타그램 #몸스타그램 #조민정 #f4f #like4like #instadaily #instalike #instagram #dailylook #instasize #snap #ootd #속옷 #selfie #패션 #followme #model #모델 #피팅모델 #korea #korean #koreanmodel #비키니 #헬스타그램 #속옷모델 신상찍으러왔당 휴무없어도 그래도일할때 잘때가그나마행복.일에행복을느끼다니 나참 허허..매번너무잘챙겨주시는 업체사장님한테 받기만하기죄송시러서 롤케익선물했는데 끝나고오히려밥까지차려주신 ㅠㅠㅋㅋ😭

11 0 Dec 16, 2017

no longer grow!!!😭😭😭

3 1 Dec 16, 2017

10 1 Dec 16, 2017

6 1 Dec 16, 2017

2017. 시선 Project 젤 맘에 드는 사진! 이거 올리려고 3개 맞추기 어려웠어여 힝힝 ㅠ 나의 2018년은 2017년 12월 18일부터 시작입니다.. 히..힘을 주세요!😖😖 . #촬영 #스냅 #모델스타그램

2 1 Dec 16, 2017

내가 게으른 이유2

15 1 Dec 16, 2017

자!제쌩얼을!보십쇼! 몬생📸

5 1 Dec 16, 2017
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